Eating Disorder Dietetics

A dietetic consultation can support you to improve your health and nutrition and most importantly build a healthy relationship with food.

Our Non-Diet health management approach

Our Non-Diet health management approach within a Healthy at Every Size (HAES®) framework is tailored to allow our clients to build a healthy relationship with food and your body. We adopt a philosophy to stop the struggle and preoccupation with food and support you to eat intuitively. Intuitive eating is our default way of eating where the mind and body can work together without judgement.

Healing Bodies & Healing Minds:
Take Control of your Gut & Mind

Dietetic Therapy

We combine our dietetic treatment approach with the goal of normalising eating patterns and behaviours and our psychological treatment focus of changing distorted beliefs and thoughts that maintain a disconnect between the mind and the body. Our clinicians work as a multidisciplinary in house team to support you on your journey every step of the way in a non judgemental manner.

Our Accredited Practicing Dietitians and Psychologists adopt a holistic approach to work with best practice evidence based treatments to support our clients to be the healthiest they can be whilst they learn to nourish, trust and respect their bodies. We encourage body acceptance within a flexible and compassionate framework.

Treatment approach efficacy

Treatment approaches may involve a combination of different types of therapies.

  • Individual nutritional consultation

  • Family based therapy (FBT/Maudsley Model) in combination with our psychology team

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Eating Disorders (CBT-E) in combination with our psychology team

  • Progressive Re-feeding program incorporating SOS (Sequential Oral Sensory) feeding methodology and AEIOU Responsive feeding methods (approach-acceptances, exposure independence, observation and understanding)

Glynn Mind Clinic provides dietetic services and most importantly a safe space for people experiencing:

Anorexia Nervosa
Bulimia Nervosa
Binge Eating Disorder
Other specific feeding and eating disorders
Avoidant restrictive eating behaviours
Feeding therapy
Body dysmorphia
Concerns with weight gain or loss
Body dissatisfaction
Bariatric surgery
Other eating behaviour issues
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and the Low FODMAP diet
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
Gastro-oesophageal reflux disorder (GORD)
Coeliac Disease
Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)
Eating Disorder carer support programs


Dietetics Team Leader
Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD)- HBHN, MDietPrac, Member of Dietitians Australia (DA).

Nicole is an Accredited Practicing Dietitian with extra training in the Non-diet approach. She has developed skills in how to help people heal their relationship with food, mind and their body. She is passionate about guiding clients through letting go of the dieting mindset, to making peace with food once and for all. She incorporates the Health At Every Size (HAES®) and the Non-Diet approach (Intuitive eating) principles to direct her practice.

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