EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) Therapy in Melbourne

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) Therapy in Melbourne

Sometimes our difficult experiences lead to ongoing emotional distress and may not be adequately processed without additional help. Increased levels of stress can sometimes interfere with the brains capacity to process information effectively and can change the neurological linkage in the brain. 

Let us help you process trauma so the brain is no longer reacting as if it is still in trauma

Evidence based therapy for treatment of PTSD, anxiety, OCD, chronic pain, addictions and phobias, allowing you to reprocess traumatic memories and promote integration and less vulnerability to future triggers. Research shows it is highly effective and one of the most effective trauma treatments.

What is EMDR

EMDR allows the brain to process traumatic memories and allow the brain to heal.

There are 8 phases to the treatment, including:

  • Client preparation/history taking

  • Preparation

  • Assessment

  • Desensitization

  • Installation

  • Body scan

  • Closure and debriefing

  • Re-evaluation of treatment effect

EMDR is less reliant on cognitive language to articulate trauma.

It allows you to:

  • Identify the memory and associated negative

  • Patients are guided through a series of rapid eye movements to process small chunks of memory to promote safety and meaning

  • Beliefs (e.g., safety, value, worthiness, ongoing triggers leading to distress associated with the event)

  • Identify distress related to target memory

  • Process and release traumatic memories

  • The intervention involves focussing on present whilst accessing events that have happened in the past

  • Develop adaptive coping strategies

  • Promote integration and optimal well being

We are committed at Glynn Mind clinic to providing tailored, mental health services that allow you to be your best.

Our psychologists provide treatment to adults, adolescents and couples.

We provide treatment for a wide range of issues including:

Substance use issues
Relationship problems
Difficulties adjusting to changes in life
Stress & worry
Pain management
Eating disorders
Your relationship with food
Gastrointestinal conditions
Michelle Oaten


Registered Psychologist: B.Arts Psych & IR, BPsycSc(Hons)

Michelle is a fully registered psychologist with extensive experience in both urban and rural settings, specializing in the treatment of adolescents and adults. Her therapeutic approach is person-centred and collaborative, characterized by empathy, non-judgment and authenticity.

Employing an integrative framework, Michelle combines various modalities including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, attachment theory, parts work, mindfulness, and self-compassion techniques. This tailored approach allows her to address the unique needs and therapeutic objectives of each individual.

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