Sports Dietetics

Every time you eat you are able to influence your performance and facilitate recovery.

Nutritional strategies which have an impact on your strength, training, performance, and recovery.

GI Mind Clinic

We support you to consistently be the best you can be

Fuel for success with tailored nutritional strategies to achieve your potential.

With effective nutrition strategies, you can enhance your sporting outcomes and performance. Uncover your body’s potential through nutritional strategies designed for different sporting environments such as:

  • Adventure-Based Sports

  • Distance-Based/Cardio Sports

  • Individual Sports

  • Power-Based Sports

  • Short-Distance/Short-Duration

  • Team Sports 

Our dieticians are specialised in conducting a dietary assessment to provide you with the support which allows you to:

Identify nutritional strategies tailored to your body’s specific needs

  • Assist with building and maintaining muscle for performance and recovery

  • Ensure you are consuming the nutrients to maintain weight and energy levels

  • Manage your body’s hydration needs for training, recovery and events

Improve your body’s adaptation and recovery

  • Experience new potentials of your body’s ability to recover between training sessions

  • Feel rested and ready to train, compete or enjoy multiple sports

Improve your overall health through balanced nutritional intake

  • Improve your confidence of meal planning

  • Learn how to build meals based on your body’s needs

  • Differentiate fact from fiction in the vast world of nutritional advice

Perform at your best

  • Fuel better

  • Recover better

  • Perform better

Glynn Mind Clinic provides dietetic services and most importantly a safe space for people experiencing:

Martial Arts
Water Sports
Weight Lifting
Winter Sports
+ more
Max McDonald


Accredited Practising Dietitian (APD) – BAppSc, MDietPrac, Member of Dietitians Australia (DA).

Max is an Accredited Practising Dietitian, enthusiastic in supporting individuals to find food freedom and shape a positive relationship with body image. He utilises Health At Every Size (HAES®) and the Non-Diet Approach to guide his practice, with a commitment to providing compassionate nutritional management without a focus on body weight.

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